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Genova Nervi

The ancient fishing village of Nervi, with its charming harbor, and today also the prestigious seat of the Museum of Nervi, in which, historic palaces and villas embellish a landscape and natural landscape of undisputed beauty and proclaim the close relationship between art and nature.

Historic Center of Genova

It is the best example in Europe and in the Mediterranean of a medieval city preserved almost integrally. A large part of it has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

A small village, Portofino

And here, suddenly, I discover a hidden cove, of olive trees and   chestnut tree. A small village, Portofino, widens like an arch of   moon around this calm basin. We slowly cross the strait   passage that joins the sea in this magnificent natural harbor, and delve into an amphitheater of the houses, surrounded by a wood of a   green mighty and fresh, and everything is reflected in the mirror of the quiet waters, where some fishing boats seem to sleep".

Guy de Maupassant 1889

Cinque Terre National Park

Protected marine area, a territory where sea and land merge to form a unique and evocative area. Eighteen kilometers of rocky coastline full of bays, beaches and deep seabeds, dominated by a chain of mountains that run parallel to the coast. Terraces planted with vines and olive trees, whose containment is ensured by ancient dry stone walls. A naturalistic heritage of great variety;